If you are an employee of a commercial firm in Singapore i.e. non-government and non-government related company, join us!


  • SMCS have been established since 18 December 1926
  • We encourage members to save, even with deposits as low as $10 every month
  • We help prevent permanent indebtedness of our members with loans at reasonable interest rates
  • Co-operative is regulated by the Registry of Co-operatives Societies under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
  • We are also affiliated to Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), the apex body for the Co-operative Movement in Singapore


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About Us

We started from a humble beginning in the 1920s when some 50 commercial employees got together to form the Co-operative Society to help one another in times of financial needs.

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Membership is open to all employees of commercial firms in Singapore i.e. non-government and non-government related companies.

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Save with us for as low as $10 per month!

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We offer loans at affordable interest rates.

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